Premier Brian Pallister announces changes to Manitoba Executive Council, view the news release.

Brian Pallister  

The Honourable Brian Pallister

Heather Stefanson  

Honourable Heather Stefanson

Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Cameron Friesen  

Honourable Cameron Friesen

Minister of Finance
Kelvin Goertzen  

Honourable Kelvin Goertzen

Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living
Ian Wishart  

Honourable Ian Wishart

Minister of Education and Training
Scott Fielding  

Honourable Scott Fielding

Minister of Families

Ron Schuler


Honourable Ron Schuler

Minister of Infrastructure
Eileen Clarke  

Honourable Eileen Clarke

Minister of Indigenous and Northern Relations

Rochelle Squires


Honourable Rochelle Squires

Minister of Sustainable Development

Blaine Pedersen


Honourable Blaine Pedersen

Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade
Ralph Eichler  

Honourable Ralph Eichler

Minister of Agriculture

Cathy Cox


Honourable Cathy Cox

Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage

Cliff Cullen


Honourable Cliff Cullen

Minister of Crown Services

 Jeff Wharton


Honourable Jeff Wharton

Minister of Municipal Relations